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The alchemist book review

The alchemist book review 

Details of The Alchemist book

  • Book Name: The Alchemist
  • Authors: Paulo Coelho
  • Pages: 163
  • Genre: Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Quest, Drama, Adventure fiction
  • Publish Date: 1988
  • Language: English

Book Review 

The alchemist was written by Paulo Coelho three years back I decided to read this book so I heard the story from one of my friends but I found the story is really simple so I decided not to read it anymore 

Now in 2021, I read the book and my opinion of the book has totally changed 

So I can say that this book will give you a life lesson but by only hearing, you will not get to know about some real-life facts until you read the whole book by yourself 

so if you want to start your reading habit then this book is the most recommended one that you can start with.


So the whole story is based on a particular boy and his journey towards achieving his dream there are many characters mentioned in this book but not all of them are given equal importance except one 

so the whole story is based on a particular boy named Santiago who lived in a small village of spain he was a shepherd by his profession and he had a number of ships and he used to travel around his village with them 

one day while he was travelling with his ships he got so tired that he entered a ruined church and sat under a sycamore

tree at night when he was sleeping he got some recurrent dream about a hidden treasure he saw in his dream that his treasures were hidden inside the pyramids in Egypt which is far away than the place where he was leaving that time 

so he had two options at that particular moment either he could follow his dream or he could forget about the dream so he decided to follow his dream 

so the next day when he woke up in the morning he went out to follow his dream so while he was travelling to Egypt then he had to face a lot of difficulties and he realized that making a decision is only the beginning of a new thing 

he was then diving into a strong current which carried him to new places that he had never dreamed of the whole story is written based on the boy's journey towards his dream 

so he had to face a lot of difficulties and he met with many new people while he was travelling but all of them were actually helping him to fulfil his dream 

he also made with the best gift of his life that is his girlfriend finally when he reached to the pyramids after crossing a long desert he started digging the pyramids to find his treasure 

so he made all his efforts to dig the pyramid but actually, he found nothing from there then a particular movement came when he was about to die and at that time one refugee came and he just told him that he also got a dream about a drizzle and his treasures were buried under esika motori in a ruined church of Spain where a shepherd used to live with the sheep 

That time Santiago realized the meaning of his life and he just started laughing out loud so he finally came back to the original place where he lived in Spain and he was finally able to find his treasure 

It means his treasures were hidden there where he started his journey initially on the very first day but he had never come to know about his treasure if he had not chosen to follow his dream.

Life lesson:

We can correlate this situation with our life too we all have a passion or dream in our life that we want to follow we all get success in our life but success is there where we are standing right now we just need to follow our journey 

it is not that success that teaches us something about our life it is the journey that we choose to follow and it teaches a lot of things about our life 

so we just need to follow our dream by our own heart and by this way though the whole world will collaborate with us to make us successful and the name of the book is the alchemist it means a person that turns laid into gold 

so it means a lead is laid because it needs to complete its journey to becoming gold, similarly if we want to become someone like le gold then we have to follow a particular journey because every person in this world has their own journey and if he wants to become a someone like the gold then he has to complete his journey as a leader and that is what I understood the author tries to portray this message 

One more thing we all get many opportunities to fulfil our dream as the boycott so initially the boy also had two options in his life he could have forgotten about his dream or he could have chosen to follow his dream

so he chose to follow his dream in our life too we also get some opportunities where we could pursue our dream but we are so much afraid to lose the thing that we have we do not choose to follow our dreams 

But the author said that people need not fear the unknown if they think they are capable enough to get the thing that they want in their life

so there are many lines that are written in the book which I personally like but I want to read out only one and that is if you want to follow your dream with all your own heart then you are connected to the soul of the world and the earth has its own soul too 

so if you start to follow your dream with your own heart then the whole world will conspire to get you your dream so I hope you really liked my review and yes this book will teach you something real about your life, so I will recommend that you should read this book once in your life.

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