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The Beautiful Sky Book review


The Beautiful Sky Book review

The Beautiful Sky Book review 

Details of  The Beautiful Sky Book 

  • Book Name:  The Beautiful Sky Book 
  • Authors: Harshwardhan
  • Pages: 532
  • Genre: Romance Noval 
  • Publish Date: June 2021
  • Language: English


The beautiful sky by Harshwardhan  is a book that has a lot of things going on it is very difficult to assign one single genre to this book because it has a lot of elements from a lot of different genres 

so this is a story about vyan and amaira now to be honest vyan is the central character of the story but vyan's life revolves around amira so in that way she's also a central character 

plus the events in the story are very much related to her as well because vyan and amara are in a very happy relationship together and they are going to get married but tragedy strikes and one week before their marriage amira is sexually violated by a group of men and that completely shatters their world 

amira survives this horrific experience but she is obviously left completely traumatized and vyan decides that even if he is not going to end up with amira he will still do everything in his power to help her because he is very very dedicated to her 

so one thing that is important to mention is that this book is for readers over the age of 18 years at this point itself i would like to give you a trigger warning here because this book deals with the topic of sexual violation

another very important thing to mention about this book is the way it has been written the language is english yes but it has a lot of shiari in it and then there are a lot of dialogues in this book as well which are also in hindi it has both english and hindi both written in the same script 

vyan really really wants to help her maira after her traumatic experience and whether or not he's going to be successful in doing that will end up affecting his own life and own destiny too 

now talk about the most sensitive topic in this book first which is amira's sexual violation and how it has been dealt with now amyra's traumatic experience has been dealt with through vyan's character in this book 

even though amaira is an important character the protagonist of the story is vyan and the story talks about how vyan tries to help amira after her traumatic experience 

vyan's character is shown to be very very sensitive very considerate very caring patient and understanding helping amaira through her trauma even when she clearly resists him 

so from that point of view this book has dealt with this topic with a lot of care apart from that some graphic descriptions of what happened with amira have been included in this book and needless to say they were extremely difficult for me to get through and all together a very unpleasant experience

this book moves back and forth in time for example when the story opens the year is 2021 but then the story keeps going back in time as well sometimes 2013 14 15 16 and so on 

so because of that the pace of your reading this book automatically slows down this book is an easy to read book don't get me wrong but it is definitely not fast because of this 

my interest in the story was moderate initially it kept on increasing but the increase was gradual for example every 50 pages or so because something new would happen during these 50 pages and then i would get more curious it was only after 230 pages that i got completely invested in the story 

now talking about the things that i liked in this book so vyan is a very firm believer of law of attraction and i really liked how diligently he follows it he visualizes everything he wants to happen he takes it very seriously and that gave me hope so that made me happy

for the most part you get quite sad and upset with the events in the story but overall this is still a story of hope so i feel that is a positive thing about this book 

apart from that i liked reading about vyan's friendship with pratik and pranay because they share a really good friendship and true friendships are rare to come by so i always love reading about great friendships

i also found one aspect of this book to be quite amusing to be honest so vyan is a big fan of an author called author pran who's a fictional author and author pran has written a fictional book called a good boyfriend is a terrible ex-boyfriend 

in fact vyan is so influenced by this book that all through this story the beautiful sky quotes from this fictional book keep popping up i mean depending on vyan's situation these quotes were extremely amusing to read 

so this book also includes romance and it's like a very important part of this book because this book talks about the relationship between vyan and amira now their relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs now that is something that you can read the book to find out 

what i want to specifically talk about here is that they get intimate with each other and those intimate scenes have been described in this book and they have been described explicitly the reason i mentioned this specifically is that a lot of readers have very strong opinions on such intimate scenes in a book 

the scenes are quite explicit and they have been written very informally there are a lot of college scenes in this book because there are a lot of hostile scenes there are a lot of interactions between friends there are a lot of interactions between vyan and amaira 

One thing to know about the way this book has been written it has a lot of slang and it has a lot of profanities as well now personally these things don't bother me that much but they can bother certain readers 

so I have to mention this as well a lot of dialogues are in Hindi as i told you so if I talk about the Hindi dialogues i'll just say that as somebody who is able to understand Hindi it was not a problem for me because I was able to understand the story but from the point of view of uniformity it was definitely disconcerting shairi or shares form a big part of this book because vyan is a poet and his journey has been expressed a lot through shairi and that's just how the story progresses 

some of them were definitely amusing some of them were profound and some of them just didn't work for me now I am going to comment on the editing of this book 

so I am going to leave the shiny part out of this I am going to leave the hindi dialogues part out of this i will also leave the English dialogues out 

the reason i am leaving the dialogues out is that i feel that characters can have a certain way of speaking and delivering dialogues so in terms of that there is definitely room for flexibility there as far as the english narration is concerned it definitely could have done with better editing because there were grammatical errors spelling mistakes and definitely wrong sentence construction 

so this book could have done with some refinement in that area had this book been edited properly the writing style in itself would have been decent in my opinion 

two things that i found to be very relatable in this book were number one the fact that Indian middle-class youngsters have to really struggle when it comes to achieving their dreams 

they really have to keep the practicality of their choices in mind which can feel like an entrapment another relatable thing in this book was the topic of mental health because it deals with that as well 

overall my experience of reading this book was full of so many emotions I felt uncomfortable I felt triggered I felt sad hopeful happy i smiled sometimes I laughed as well 

so a whole lot was happening while reading this book and sometimes i was more invested sometimes I was less invested but I always wanted to reach the end of the story so my overall experience of reading this book was full of ups and downs 

that was my review of the beautiful sky by Harshwardhan I had so much to say about this book because it had so much going on.

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