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The sixteenth night by aswin p chandran book review

The sixteenth night by aswin p chandran book review

The sixteenth night by Aswin P Chandran book review 

Details of The sixteenth-night book

  • Book Name: The sixteenth night 
  • Authors: Ashwin p Chandran
  • Pages: 44
  • Publish Date: 26/06/2021
  • Language: 


The sixteenth night by Ashwin p Chandran is a semi-fiction novel based on the Mahabharata this is a super quick read because it has only 44 pages and it is available as an e-book 

So the 16th night consists of 16 conversations that take place on the 16th night of the Kurukshetra war and the concept of this book is that the 17th day of the Kurukshetra war was going to be extremely important because there was going to be a battle between Karn and Arjun and whoever would win would end up deciding who had the upper hand in the war whether the Kaurava or the Pandava.

So the 16th night was extremely heavy with anticipation and apprehension as to what might happen on the 17th day 

So this book has tried to represent different mindsets and emotions that everybody concerned is going through on the 16th night on both ends in the core of camp as well as the band of kaurav 

So what immediately stood out to me while reading this book was that in just 44 pages it has tried to cover quite a few things it has tried to cover apprehension anticipation grief worry strategizing and all in 16 conversations and 

When you think about 16 conversations you imagine a book that would be much longer but it's just 44 pages and it's quite succinct to be very honest 

So i would like to talk about my favourite bits in the book so most of my favourite bits were the conversations that were connected to Karn so one of them was the strategizing part where Shakuni tells Duryodhana that the fact that khan could have killed Arjun on day 16 

But he didn't because the sun had said struck him as odd because a lot of rules had been violated earlier as well so current sudden following of these rules did not seem right to him and it unsettled him so the explanation Karn provides to this was very convincing to read and i thought it was very well written and very well crafted 

Another part in the book that I quite liked was the conversation that takes place between Karn and Kunti during that chapter I legit cried because it was quite emotional another conversation that stood out to me while reading this book was the one that takes place between Dhritarashtra and Sanjay 

In this particular conversation grief, worry despair and pride have all been bundled together in a way that is quite convincing and neat and I really like that 

So Mahabharata has been a big part of my life I've grown up listening to stories from Mahabharata in fact during my school days sangship Mahabharat used to be a part of my curriculum and I have read quite a few retellings and reimaginings of Mahabharata as well and I will continue to do so because it will not be interesting for me and Mahabharata is super relevant it is always going to stay relevant and there is no question about that 

So usually when it comes to mahabharata the retellings are often the retellings of the entire epic or sometimes they would focus on certain episodes that are more popular and get more attention and other times they would focus on a particular person like Draupadi or Duryodhana

But this was the first time that I came across a book that chose to focus on one night and one very important night which was the 16th night of the Kurukshetra war and even during that night this book chose to focus on the conversations and emotions that different people were feeling 

So all in all that was a very unique concept for me obviously since this book is semi-fiction creative liberties have been taken in this book as well 

The writing and the language of this book 

so the writing flows smoothly so that's a good thing and talking about the language you can tell that efforts have been made to ordinate the language and overall that works well for the book because the language of this book really goes well with the theme of this book so the entire impact of the writing and the language in this book is good I would say 


I liked reading the 16th night by Ashwin p Chandran because I was able to read this book in a single sitting it was engaging and it is based on a topic of my interest.

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