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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center pdf download

Details of The Bodyguard by Katherine Center Book

  • Book Name: The Bodyguard 
  • Authors: Katherine Center 
  • Pages: 281
  • Genre: Romance novel, Humor, Domestic Fiction
  • Publish Date: 19 July 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center this book in exchange for an honest review before we jump into anything bookish

where you can find triggers for this and many other books in case you have certain content warnings that you cannot read i however will not be mentioning any warnings 

i don't want to reveal anything that people could construe as a spoiler so for a format of this video i'm just going to go through a brief synopsis of the book then i'll go through my likes and my dislikes and then that will be that honestly 

so that you come here get what you want and then you can be on your way with nothing superfluous thrown in the mix so first synopsis of this book we follow our main character hannah and hannah is a bodyguard for all intents and purposes 

they have like some fancy name for it but she's a bodyguard and she's little but she is mighty she can take people down she can outrun you she can out fight you she can outsmart you she can do really anything 

she is very very good at what she does so she works for a super elite bodyguard firm in texas either in like houston or austin or dallas or somewhere down there i don't know no one wants to go there anyway 

so what's it really matter but at the beginning of the book hannah gets assigned to jack stapleton who is a super super famous movie star i think brad pitt or george clooney however this guy is like young i'd only i only know older people i'm not up on like current actors 

i don't know if like chris hemsworth i don't i don't know i would look dumb if i try to name current day actors but think george clooney and brad pitt in their prime i like leonardo dicaprio but she gets assigned to be jack stapleton's bodyguard and he's like the hero in all 

the superhero movies however jack stapleton has to go home to his family's little sorry if the angle changed my phone died i don't know i keep letting them happen but anyway jack stapleton has to go home to his family's horse ranch in texas and the his like agent has decided that 

he needs a bodyguard and because jack doesn't want to admit that he needs a body yard he and he doesn't want his family to worry about him his plan is to get hannah and him to fake date because 

they're going home to the horse ranch because his mom is sick and she wants like her family there uh understandable so they go and they fake date and as is true with any fake dating scenario they end up falling in love and that's pretty much it there are like a few spurts of like celebrity stuff 

there's some spurts of like sorry my phone keeps dying so the angle is going to keep changing i don't know what's happening anyway there are some sports of like your dark past like typical drama in there but it's really good so as far as dislikes i really did not have many dislikes at all 

the epilogue was kind of obnoxiously long and i was worried at the beginning that it was going to be like a very very basic contemporary romance but it actually didn't end up being that at all which is one of my likes 

i was super pleasantly surprised by this book it wasn't your basic contemporary romance that every book on the romance shelves at barnes noble is so i really appreciated that i am a fan of catherine center's writing i absolutely love the way that she constructs stories i think she does 

it in a very very enjoyable way um i also loved the setting they live on this like big ranch in texas with like a pond and it was just so enjoyable i loved it and also a very like specific thing that i liked is that our main character hannah like runs every morning and i love me a character that runs 

i feel like i read so many books where the main character is a runner and i love that she's a runner she's a track star uh could not be me like i can't run to save my life but good on you girl

i also really loved how the past like trauma was handled and the family dynamic i absolutely loved jack stapleton's parents and it was just really really good and i hope that people start picking 

this one up now that it's out um oh yeah i happy release day i forgot i am posting this on release day that is pretty much it.