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Meet Cute by Helena Hunting Pdf Download


Meet Cute by Helena Hunting Pdf Download

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Meet Cute by Helena Hunting Pdf Download

Details of Meet Cute by Helena Hunting Book

  • Book Name: Meet Cute 
  • Authors: Helena Hunting 
  • Pages: 314
  • Genre: Romance novel, Contemporary romance, Urban fiction, Domestic Fiction, Legal Story
  • Publish Date:  9 April 2019
  • Language: English

Book review:

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting so Kaitlyn meets her celebrity crush and that's what the meet-cute happened she falls on him and like tramples him and on her way to her first law school class ever and Dax is a celebrity who was on TV when he was younger and now he's been going to college and she just absolutely loved a show and loved who his character was in that show 

So she's like kind of all over him and then he ends up in law school with her and they end up with this relationship where they kind of bounce back and forth like they're like they push each other 

They're not they're like frenemies they're not really friends they're not really enemies but they like are pushers of each other and they both do better in law school because of it and then like a long time later he ends up 

In her office and it's because his youngest sister means representation because her parents have sadly died in an accident and the representation she's thought we were representing her his sister and then 

What turns out the will is that he is the one going to be taking custody of her instead of eyes amp'd and so then another custody battle and Sue's was there and and the whole time she's always representing the daughter but it brings them closer because she is that girl's representation 

This kind of confusing transitional time and she is living with him and he is thinks he's too young to be a dad I guess but he's got to definitely take on the role so it is like enemy friendship and love child and it's adorable and it's cute you know where it's going get some romance if you look at the cover you know where it's going and I think I gave 

This like three half stars or stars ish I thought it was really cute I really looked I thought it had like good tension and very good comedic timing in the book as well the only thing I is that the color the adorable cover 

You see over here and it doesn't really give away with the books about it does press on a lot of heavier topics and a lot of like sad tragedy things and so it is a heavier read than you might sixth best expect and that sometimes 

It's at some points but it's still like hard enough to be a little bit of a comedy and then as well I thought that the villain which is the aunt in this scenario um who is also the aunt who is suing for custody is very predictable 

So I wish the aunt was a little more versatile a little more unique of a character or a little more on expecting a character but everything he would predict her to be the ring she does and what she says and everything it's just 

It's a very predictable scenario a background so if that would have been heightened.

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