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The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark PDF Download

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The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark PDF Download

Details of The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark Book

  • Book Name: The Lies I Tell 
  • Authors: Julie Clark 
  • Pages: 253
  • Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Psychological Fiction
  • Publish Date: 23 August 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark this with i think four other friends um and i'm also currently doing a buddy read for sundial by katarina ward and it was just like too much because it's also the week of my son's first birthday so i was like okay it was just too much to like also do a read with me for this one but don't worry 

i do have the non-spoiler review for you here you know just like when you over commit to something that's what i did that week i was like i'm gonna film film another read with me i'm gonna do a buddy read i'm gonna do a second buddy read and then i was like wait girl you're planning a first birthday 

so anyways like i said i chose these for my june book of the month picks and this is actually a pretty quick read um i would say it's pretty gripping from the beginning um it's under 300 pages i am going to go ahead and read the synopsis so just skip like 30 seconds ahead 

so if you don't want to know what the book is about like you just want to go into it knowing nothing it says she's back meg williams maggie littleton melody wild different names for the same person depending on the town and depending on the job she's a con artist who erases herself to become whoever you need her to be a college student 

a life coach a real estate agent but nothing about her is real she slides alongside you and tells you exactly what you want to hear and by the time she's done you've likely lost everything kat roberts has been waiting ten years for the woman who upended her life to return and now that she has cat is determined to be the one to expose her but as the two women grow closer cat's long-held assumptions begin to crumble leaving cat to wonder who meg's true target is the lies 

i tell is a twisted domestic thriller that dies deep into the psyches and motivations of two women and their unwavering quest to seek justice for the past and rewrite the future that being said i would say i was gripped from the very beginning um i read this book in four parts 

i would say i was pretty hooked like in the very beginning i loved both of the girls point of views i loved meg the one who was described in the uh beginning of the book a lot more just because you know 

she is the one who's um really like just she's doing a lot you know she's doing a lot and it's exciting to follow along with her so on my reading scale i am giving this an enjoyable read um i originally rated it a four and a half star and then as it like sat with me a little bit after i read the book

i was like there were just some things that i was a little annoyed with and wished that we had more closure with so um i ended up giving it a four star which is still like really good in my books um but yeah i am going to get chatting um with spoilers for those of us who have read 

so if you're new here i would love if you could hit that subscribe button and that post notification bell so you're notified every time i post a new bookish related video but we are about to get chatting okay so i actually am looking at my typed notes from when i did the book club that i mentioned 

so in part one i was just basically shocked that meg was able to like manipulate that entire relationship with corey like she knew she was gonna screw him over and she also knew he was like most likely a pedophile based off of everything he did and like that background story with that christian girl from her high school and i was like who willingly like gets involved with like a predator like why would you do that you know but her point of view was like she knew this sounds 

so gross but like she knew what he liked and she knew that you know eventually like um when she started like catfishing as like a younger girl that like he would go on a date with her and i don't know it was just i wasn't expecting that in part two i literally split up the book like i always take the page number and then i divide it by how many days 

i wanted to read this so me and my friends read this over four days um so i can't quite remember the exact page number but i think it was a little after like a hundred um we were just talking about how like you knew nate was like a shitty guy right because he said those comments to corey about like 

when he was first introduced to um meg how he was like oh like she's a student like you're living the fantasy huh or something like meaning he knew that like corey like preyed on students and he was still friends with him 

then we also get that little piece of like cat essentially blaming meg for like introducing her to nate which like i get like meg knew that nate was a shitty guy and she still like you know made cat and nate like meet up granted do we think that did she know that nate was going to drug cat probably not

but in cat's head she was like you know why would you even put this like terrible person in my life like knowing that he could potentially cause me harm so like i totally understand her point of view that being said part of why 

this was a four-star read for me and not higher was because i wish that that was brought up like at the end of the book like i wish there was a scene or an opportunity for cat to confront meg and be like listen like i literally was drugged and raped from a guy that you 

put in my life knowing that he was a shitty person and like that conversation never happened and i was pretty upset about that because i felt like that that whole situation really kind of like how do i wear it it really made cat's character like her vengeance and her 

you know desire to get back at meg was because meg screwed her over and introduced her to nate and now they like never got to have that conversation i did think meg was behind the missing bank statements i didn't think that scott was going to be gambling again 

i was actually confused when that like when she found out what email it was that was like tied to the banks it was something like um someone's niece or whatever like it would have been something that meg also knew but i remember thinking like that's a really weird um thing for scott to do like 

i don't know he just ended up being like a shitty character as well i'm not gonna lie i am not gonna lie i loved the scene where meg slammed on her breaks 

so scott would purposely rear-end her because she like wanted to put her foot down and be like stop following me it just was it was just such a meg move anyways that pretty much wraps up all of my thoughts on uh the lies i tell.